Franklin McMahon’s drawings are made on the site in political conventions, hotel ballrooms, airports, television studios; wherever candidates
and supporters gather.

"The artist
drawing directly on
the site can see
around corners,
adding dimension to
viewpoint, heightening

Acrylic watercolor is added to the drawings in the artist’s studio in northern Illinois.


The 1960 campaigns tell the story two of two young candidates, born in the Twentieth Century, getting used to television.

1964: Civil Rights and Lyndon Johnson moving toward the 1965 Voting Rights Act. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

1968 and 1972 were all about America’s war in Vietnam; assassinations, a burglary, lies, turmoil in the streets.

"I am not a crook."

1976 was the recovery from Watergate. Republicans lost a president who had pardoned Mr. Nixon. Jimmy Carter promised to tell no lies.

1980 brought to the fore a suntanned veteran of fifty Hollywood movies, the Great Communicator, expert on the tube.

In 1984 Walter Mondale wanted to save the country from rising debt by raising taxes on those who could afford it. A second term for Reagan and Bush.

"Read My Lips, No New Taxes"

In 1988 George Bush went for top billing, chose Dan Quayle as his running- mate; ran TV attack ads against Michael Dukakis, was elected.

1992: Bush loses to Bill Clinton.

1996: Bill Clinton vs. Bob Dole?

Over 700 McMahon drawings and paintings have been digitized and are available from:
CORBIS Publishing Company
Bellevue, Washington USA

Videotapes of McMahon documentaries in art made for PBS and CBS are available from:
Rocinante Sight & Sound
1711 West Devonshire
Lake Forest. IL 60045
847 234 9108.

Artwork copyright © Franklin McMahon

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